Amazing Holiday Baking Recipes without the Sugar
By Enchanting Dentistry
July 14, 2016
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The end of October brings with it the mouth-watering anticipation of sweets – everything from pumpkin pie, apple pie and pumpkin bread to cookies, chocolate treats and more! Unfortunately as many of us know all too well, those sweets also bring with them guilt. Whether it’s the guilt of a few extra pounds or the guilt of flooding your teeth with excesses of sugar, it can be tough to get through the autumn without feeling guilty. 

Fortunately, here is an arsenal of websites that we at would like to share with you with recipes that all either use only natural sugar substitutes or no sugar at all! Hooray – a smorgasbord of delectable treats without the guilt! Go ahead – read below all about these great sites and be sure to bookmark your favorite recipes. 

  1. The website of a classically trained top Chef and Food Network star, is a website that hosts a brilliant collection of recipe ideas that are delicious as well as healthy. Marisa Churchill has been cooking since she was only a few years old and knows all about healthy cooking! You’ll keep busy leafing through her book of recipes, “Sweet & Skinny” – we’ve already bookmarked our favorites!
  2. has gathered one of the best collections online of wonderful recipes for baking with no sugar; in fact, they have 30 of them! Check out 30 Sugar Substitutes for Any and Every Possible Situation and revel in the possibilities. We know you’ll feel a new sense of satisfaction this holiday season as you bake, serve and eat these sweets without the guilt on the side!
  3. A record-number of people are on a constant search for recipes that are healthy and safe for people with food allergies. Brenda Bennett is a mother whose three children were diagnosed with just that; in addition, Brenda herself has an intolerance for dairy and gluten, which has exacerbated over time. She’s decided this year to take a new, fresh and healthy approach to baking at home, and even has a book she is working on called Sugar-Free Mom, Naturally Sweet & Sugar-Free Recipes for the Whole Family. Her website is – check it out and you’ll see why she is highly-regarded as the primo expert of sugar-free cooking online!
  4. Pinterest is a website that has become a place of knowledge, solutions and ideas that rivals every other, and for good reason, too! So many recipes (thousands upon thousands, in fact) are available on, with additional ones added every single day. Recipes for every type of food with photographs – now that is something we love at this time of year! We offer to you just a sample of some of the best sugar-free recipes available on the site, so check it out and start pinning. 

And there you have it! Some of our picks for the best sugar-free recipes for baking online, along with a few of our favorite websites to browse to find your own favorites. Who says your teeth and your waistline have to suffer this holiday season or that you can’t have delicious, mouth-watering sugar-free sweets?


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