Celebrating Sedation Safety Week
By Enchanting Dentistry
July 14, 2016
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March 11-18, 2016 was Sedation Safety Week. You probably didn’t know that there was such a week; however, you should take comfort in knowing that every year since 2009, dentists and their teams have come together to review safety procedures and hone their skills.

Here is a brief recap of the events of Sedation Safety Week:

  1. Attendees reviewed the ten steps that every dentist administering sedation must follow to ensure patient safety.
  2. Attendees discussed research showing the need for sedation dentistry and the safety of existing treatments.
  3. Attendees discussed how to keep sedation dentistry accessible and affordable for patients.
  4. Lastly, attendees celebrated the 20 million plus patients who have received safe and effective sedation techniques.

Dr. Middelhof and the staff at Enchanting Dentistry specialize in easing their patients’ anxieties and using technology and techniques designed to create a more comfortable experience at the dentist. If you are considering sedation, you can take comfort in knowing that you are in experienced hands. Dr. Middelhof has a great deal of experience in sedation techniques and always puts her patients’ safety first. She believes strongly in the importance of continuing education to stay current on the latest techniques and equipment so she can provide the best and safest care to her patients.

Dr. Middelhof is pleased to offer a number of sedation options to her patients, including:

  1. Pill Sedation Dentistry: This convenient therapy is administered by an authorized dentist. You’ll be in a sleep-like state during your procedure, and when you wake up your procedure will be complete!
  2. Nitrous Relaxing Gas: Also known as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide has been used for many years to help patients relax during their procedure. You are awake for the treatment, yet you will feel completely relaxed.
  3. Relaxation/Meditation Methods: If you’re looking for a natural alternative to pill sedation and nitrous oxide, Enchanting Dentistry offers some options. One of the most common causes of anxiety in dental patients is the sound of the instruments; to reduce this anxiety, we use silent tools instead of loud drills when it’s possible. We also have noise-cancelling headphones that play relaxing music and recordings.

In addition to these tools, Enchanting Dentistry offers aromatherapy and massage therapy. Get a massage before or after your procedure as a way to relax or reward yourself!

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