Dental Implants Let You Bite With Confidence
By Enchanting Dentistry
November 14, 2018
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Would you like to bite and chew with confidence despite your tooth loss? You can with dental implants from Enchanting Dentistry in Plantation. Placed by expert dentist, Dr. Annette Middelhof, dental implants are as stable and realistic as natural teeth. Learn the details on these exceptional prosthetics and how they could help your smile.

The effects of tooth loss

When you lose a tooth, you may think of how it impacts your appearance. True, smile gaps are embarrassing, but additionally, loss of even one tooth causes:

  • Bone and gun tissue recession
  • Shifting and weakening of remaining teeth
  • Poor biting and chewing
  • Changes in speech

Conventional bridges and dentures help restore aesthetics and oral function. However, they cannot stop the almost immediate bone and gum shrinkage which happen after tooth extraction. Only dental implants in Plantation (and across the United States) can counter those problems.

Replacement with dental implants

Whether you have lost one, two or even all your teeth to gum disease, decay or oral trauma, dental implants can help you look and feel your best. Plus, their bone-building properties keep jaw bone and gum tissue strong and sizable, creating the most natural foundation for these amazing artificial teeth.

The secret to their success lies in two things: titanium and osseointegration. Titanium is a natural metal known for its affinity for human bone. This attraction, termed osseointegration, literally wraps bone cells around a dental implant screw, creating an inseparable bond. Only a natural tooth is superior to a dental implant in strength and durability.

However, a dental implant cannot decay as a natural tooth can. It may suffer an infection similar to gum disease if the implant site collects bacteria-filled plaque and tartar or is degraded by heated and toxic cigarette smoke.

As such, Dr. Middelhof will  vett

 your oral health and jaw critically to determine if you can receive dental implants. With the help of 3D Cone Beam imaging, she can see if you have enough bone. If you do not, she may advise bone-building procedures before placing your implants.

The treatment

It takes place at Enchanting Dentistry. Local anesthetic numbs the implant site as Dr. Middelhof inserts the device into the bone and closes the gums with sutures. Over the next weeks to months, the site will heal, and the bone and implant bond. When sufficiently healed, you'll receive a metal alloy abutment and realistic dental crown made of beautiful porcelain.

For patients missing more than one tooth, Dr. Middlelhof will use several implants to support a customized prosthetic. Whatever the procedure, results are outstanding, featuring a success rate of at least 95 percent, reports the Institute for Dental Implant Awareness.

Bite, chew, smile

Dental implants make them all possible. If you want a superior smile that lasts, please contact Enchanting Dentistry in Plantation, FL, for a consultation with Dr. Annette Middelhof. She'll happily answer all your questions. Call us today at (954) 336-8478!


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