FlossTime, the First Smart Floss Dispenser
By Enchanting Dentistry
July 14, 2016
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Did you know that only roughly 0% of American adults report that they brush at least once per day? According to statistics from the American Dental Association, it also happens that about 50% of adults have gingivitis. Flossing has been shown to greatly improve oral health, but many people don’t floss on a daily basis. Whether they forget or just haven’t made it a habit, it’s imperative that those who don’t floss change their oral care habits for the better.

What is FlossTime?

FlossTime is a new device that is designed to make flossing easy; it’s described as a habit-forming device that will make flossing nearly impossible to forget! Marketed as the first smart floss dispenser, it serves as a reminder tool that helps both adults and kids build healthy daily flossing habits.

FlossTime is an elegantly-designed dispenser that mounts easily to bathroom mirrors. FlossTime is ideal for children, because it also comes with animal snap-ons to make flossing fun. In addition, with just a push of a button, the device automatically dispenses 18 inches of floss. This length of floss is what is recommended by the American Dental Association and leading dentists around the globe. When FlossTime is used regularly, the device lights up with a smile. If there has been inactivity for too long, the device emits a reminder LED light.

This smart floss dispenser is always present, since it easily sticks to mirrors, and with just a tap, the perfect amount of floss is dispensed. With smiles for regular flossing and reminder lights when you forget to floss, it’s an effective way for adults and children to get into the habit of flossing as often as they should.

FlossTime Features

Each FlossTime dispenser is designed to last for one full year, and can be set in single and dual user modes for one or two users. The device sticks to mirrors using moveable microsuction technology, and the design is clean, simple, and modern. The floss within each dispenser is high quality mint-flavored floss. With these features, it’s easy to incorporate a better daily flossing routine into a person’s schedule without having to fuss with small dispensers lost in drawers that run out of floss several times each year. It makes it easy to improve oral health and prevent common dental problems associated with a lack of regular flossing.

For more information on proper flossing techniques, schedule a consultation at Enchanting Dentistry. Dr. Middelhof and her staff can educate you on proper flossing and oral care so you can have a beautiful, healthy smile for years to come. Enchanting Dentistry is dedicated to helping all of our patients in Plantation achieve a healthier, more beautiful smile with regular dental visits and a thorough daily oral care routine. Flossing on a daily basis is an important part of maintaining healthy teeth and gums.
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