How Beer Affects Your Oral Health
By Enchanting Dentistry
July 14, 2016
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 “Kiss me, I’m Irish” is a phrase that comes alive every March as Americans gear up to celebrate the always festive, St. Patrick’s Day. While the celebration is meant to honor a patron saint and a beautiful culture, it is also one of the best days of the year to sip a green beer or Guinness.

Even though beer in moderation is not generally harmful, an overabundance of beer can definitely have an adverse effect on our oral health. Beer does contain ingredients that can actually have health and oral benefits, but anytime we overdo something, it can be harmful. Keep these things in mind when sipping your Saint Paddy’s brew this coming March 17th, and as always keep your smile healthy and happy!

Beer Contains Calcium But is Also Acidic
Beer in moderation can actually help your teeth, as it contains calcium and silicon, which strengthens bones, nails, hair, and teeth. However, beer is also acidic and can cause damage to your tooth enamel. Especially if you over indulge and end up getting sick, as being throwing up can be extremely harmful for your teeth as it is highly acidic.

Beer Can Stain Teeth
Many beers, especially dark beers, can stain your teeth. Beers like Guinness can cause pretty serious damage. If you are a fan of primarily dark beers, it’s important to use whitening toothpaste, and also seek professional teeth whitening services. No one is going to kiss you regardless of your cultural heritage, if your teeth are dark beer brown.

Opening Beer With Your Mouth is Bad
You would think that telling adults not to open beer bottles and cans with their teeth wouldn’t be necessary. However, many dentists spend time repairing damaged teeth after any major holiday that includes libations. It may be a cool party trick to open up all the beers at your St. Paddy’s day party with your teeth, but take it from us; it’s not worth it to break your pearly whites just to impress your friends.

Hops are Antibacterial
One of the most beneficial aspects of drinking a few cold ones with your friends and family is that beer contains hops. Hops are antibacterial and can help keep your mouth clean and free of harmful bacteria that can be a key factor on poor oral health. In 2008, researchers found that hops helps keep dental plaque at bay, so enjoy beers that have a high hops content to help prevent unwanted plaque.

While beer contains a number of oral health benefits, it’s important to always enjoy your libations responsibly. Enjoy your Saint Patrick’s Day, and remember to contact 954 Dentist for all of your dental needs.


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