How Can I Fix My Receding Gums?
By Enchanting Dentistry
March 07, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Receding gums increase tooth sensitivity and can leave you with a toothy smile. Fortunately, there's a simple way to correct the problem. receding gumsDr. Annette Middelhof of Enchanting Dentistry in Plantation, FL, share information on an innovative new treatment method for receding gums.

Gum grafts protect receding gums

Gum grafts restore your natural gum line and reduce sensitivity that occurs when the roots of your teeth are exposed. They're a good choice if your gums have receded due to gum disease, hormonal changes or brushing your teeth too hard.

What happens during the traditional gum grafting procedure?

During the gum grafting procedure, tissue is taken from the roof of your mouth and sewn to your gum line. As you can imagine, cutting into your mouth and your gums can result in significant pain during your recovery process. You'll also have to limit your diet to yogurt, Jell-O and other soft foods for a few weeks and must be very careful while brushing or flossing.

Is there a less painful way to treat my gums?

Gum grafting doesn't have to be an uncomfortable experience. Your Plantation dentists offer the minimally invasive Chao pinhole surgical technique. Instead of large incisions, this innovative technique uses tiny pinholes. During the procedure, your dentist makes a small hole in the gum above your tooth and creates a tiny flap. The flap is then moved over your root and held in place by tiny collagen strips that are eventually absorbed by your body.

After pinhole surgery, your gums will look noticeably better. Since no incisions were made in your mouth, you probably won't experience much pain. In many cases, you'll only need one treatment, unlike traditional gum grafting which often requires multiple sessions. If you undergo a traditional grafting procedure, it will take about an hour or two just to treat one or two teeth. With the pinhole surgery, up to 14 teeth can be treated in the same time span. Full healing only takes about a day or two. While you heal, you'll need to avoid brushing too close to your gum line, but you don't have to stop brushing.

Protect your gums with minimally invasive pinhole surgery. Call Dr. Middelhof of Enchanting Dentistry in Plantation, FL, at (954) 336-8478 to schedule your appointment.


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