How to get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth
By Enchanting Dentistry
July 14, 2016
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Every parent knows it can be a battle to get their little ones to brush their teeth twice a day. Sometimes it feels like it would just be easier to give up and let nature take its course, but teaching your kids about proper oral health is not only important for a beautiful smile, but also for developing healthy habits for the future.

So how can you as a parent build good dental habits in your children and help encourage your children to brush their teeth? We have compiled a list of five ways you can help motivate your kids to brush their teeth, follow these steps and watch your children start looking forward to perfecting their smiles.

  1. Let your kids pick their toothbrush

If you allow your kids to pick their toothbrush they will have a vested interest in brushing their teeth. Whether it’s a toothbrush that looks like a light saber or a princess wand, it becomes an engaging experience for your children if it looks like it’s a toy.

  1. Turn it into story time

Kids love stories and being creative with how you present brushing will help motivate your kids to partake in the experience. Try to relate it to their favorite movie or storybook characters, let them know that the hero from the latest Pixar release brushes his or her teeth twice a day, and they will want to emulate their favorite characters.

  1. Brush With Them

Lead by example, it’s much more difficult to motivate your children verbally than it is to participate with them. Make sure that you also brush your teeth with your children, this will not only help them be engaged in the process, but you can also show them the proper technique, which will be essential for fighting plaque and preventing cavities.

  1. Turn Brushing Into a Game

Make brushing fun and make it a game, it’s all about creating enjoyment, so brushing your teeth becomes something to look forward to. It will become less of a task and something your kids will start to enjoy. Award points for a job well done, and at the end of the week offer them a small reward.

  1. Use Plaque-Disclosing Mouthwash

Even if your child is starting to brush his or her own teeth with less of a struggle you will want to help them improve their technique. A plaque-disclosing mouthwash can help show your child what areas they are missing, and will help guide you on how to improve your children’s oral health.

Try these simple steps to help encourage your kids to brush their teeth, and they will come to love taking care of their smile.


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