Protect Your Teeth with Custom Sport Mouthguards
By Enchanting Dentistry
July 14, 2016
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Back to school means that fall sports season is starting up again. Football, soccer, and field hockey teams are getting back on the field for long practices and pre-season games. But with any physical contact sport, players run the risk of injury. When young athletes push themselves to their limits accidents happen. Keep your players protected with custom sport mouthguards so they can stay focused on the game at hand.

Everyone Needs Protection
Players might like to think that they’re impervious to harm, but sports-related injuries are happening more and more often. Every year, players endure brutal collisions that impair their ability to play for life. In fact, more than 5 million teeth are avulsed each year; many during sports activities, resulting in nearly $500 million spent on replacing these teeth each year. Not protecting your teeth can lead to a lifetime of pain and thousands of dollars in dental corrective surgery. But not all sport mouthguards are created equal. Over-the-counter products and stock mouthguards simply don’t offer the same level of protection and functionality as custom-made options. Custom sport mouthguards are made using an exact model of the player’s mouth, allowing for a more comfortable fit. They also use more durable materials that will stay on strong and shield the player’s mouth against the most damaging blows. They’re also easier to clean and won’t bend or warp over time. Going to a dental professional and investing in a mouthguard that’s form fitted to your teeth is by far the best way to protect yourself on the field this season.

Enhanced Performance
Not only do custom mouthguards for sports offer superior protection, they enhance the player’s ability to perform. Custom sport mouthguards allow athletes to breath more easily. They’re carefully designed so that they don’t inhibit the player’s ability to move their mouth normally. The materials used are tasteless, odorless and adapt to the player’s mouth so they can stay as comfortable as possible throughout the game.

Enhanced Comfort
Traditional sport mouthguards tend to rub against the athlete’s gums and teeth, causing constant discomfort and irritation. Without a custom fitting, the materials tend to be less protective in the areas where the athlete needs it most. An awkward fit also means that regular mouthguards tend to slip out during matches and practices, especially during the most grueling moments. Players will feel like they have to fight against their mouthguards on a minute-to-minute basis when they should be focusing on the game. Upgrading to a custom-made mouthguard is more than worth it. Don’t put your teeth at risk.

Schedule Your Consultation Today
At Enchanting Dentistry, we specialize in creating the highest quality form fitting sport mouthguards for athletes. All of our creations are fully customizable to adhere to the athlete’s specific needs. You can even get a new custom mouthguard in your team’s signature color. Get the protection you deserve by getting a custom mouthguard for the new fall season. It pays to be protected.


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