Reasons You Should Consider Veneers
By Enchanting Dentistry
May 07, 2019
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Dental veneers, offered by your Plantation, FL, dentist, Dr. Annette Middlehof of Enchanting Dentistry, can improve a variety of smile-veneersrelated issues.

Veneers conceal imperfections

Dental veneers enhance your smile by hiding flaws and imperfections that affect the fronts of teeth. Veneers are constructed of thin plastic or translucent porcelain and are no thicker than your fingernail. Before you receive your veneers, your Plantation dentist will remove a tiny amount of tooth enamel and make an impression of your teeth to ensure that your veneers fit comfortably. Once the restorations are ready, they'll be attached to your teeth with dental cement.

How dental veneers can help you

Is your smile duller than you would like despite teeth whitening treatment? Veneers offer a long-term whitening option and give you the flexibility to choose your ideal shade of white. The restorations are stain resistant and don't become discolored if you enjoy a few cups of coffee or tea every day.

If you're like most people, you probably have a few minor issues that keep your smile from being perfect. Whether the surface of a tooth is a little uneven, you have a chip on the bottom of a tooth, or you have another minor imperfection, veneers offer a simple way to hide small flaws.

They're also ideal if one of your teeth is darker than the others. The problem can be caused by the use of certain antibiotics, old fillings, or dental work and can make you feel a little self-conscious about your smile. Dr. Middelhof will choose a veneer shade that matches your other teeth exactly to ensure that your smile is finally uniform.

Veneers also change the shape or length of teeth. Dr. Middelhof may suggest veneers if you have a crooked, twisted, or oddly shaped tooth or want to lengthen a short tooth. If your tooth became too short because you grind your teeth, she may recommend that you wear a custom-made nightguard while you sleep to avoid damaging your veneers.

Some people think gaps between teeth add character while others are unhappy with slight spaces between teeth. Luckily, veneers make gaps between teeth disappear.

Could your smile be improved with veneers? Call Dr. Middlehof of Enchanting Dentistry in Plantation, FL at (954) 336-8478 to schedule an appointment today!


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