Use Your FSA Benefits for Cosmetic Dentistry Before They Expire
By Enchanting Dentistry
July 14, 2016
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Your FSA Benefits Are Expiring Soon: Schedule an Appointment Today
2015 is quickly coming to an end. That means that your FSA benefits are nearing their expiration date. While you might decide to wait until the holidays for a last minute checkup, it’s better to spend your FSA benefits sooner rather than later. With millions of dollars in FSA benefits expiring all over the country at the same time, dentists and doctor’s offices can easily get overwhelmed. Long waiting lists and packed holiday schedules might prevent you from spending your FSA benefits before they expire. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Plan to use your FSA benefits before the end of the year rush.

What Are FSA Benefits?
FSA stands for Flexible Spending Account or Flexible Spending Arrangement. As a part of your employee health benefits package, an FSA is a special account that you can use to pay for certain medical and dental procedures. It can cover a range of health related expenses such as copays, deductibles, or prescription medication costs. In most cases, FSA benefits cannot be used to pay for insurance premiums. Take a look at the list of approved medical and dental expenses from the IRS.

Your FSA benefits are tax-free. You or your employer can put up to $2,550 a year into the account. If you don’t spend your FSA benefits by the end of the year, a majority of that money will be gone for good. However, your employer can offer one of two options. You may apply for a 2½-month grace period, giving you some extra time to spend your FSA benefits. Your health plan may also let you keep up to $500 of your FSA benefits to use in the following year, but you’d still lose up to $2,000 of your hard earned FSA benefits.

Everyone’s FSA Benefits Are Expiring Soon
For many of us, the last months of the year tend to be the most stressful. With the holidays approaching, medical and dental appointments can sink to the bottom of your priority list. If your FSA benefits are expiring soon, it’s better to schedule an appointment with your local dentist or doctor now as opposed to later. The end of the year also tends to be one of busiest times for dentists and doctors. A long wait list could bump you into the New Year or, even worse, early spring. Thus, the majority of your FSA benefits would disappear.

Schedule an appointment at your neighborhood dentist today and beat the year-end rush. Enchanting Dentistry offers first-rate dental care and dental procedures. Your FSA benefits could go towards dental veneers, a teeth cleaning, fluoride treatments, braces or Invisalign, x-rays, fillings or even dentures. Use your expiring FSA benefits to transform your smile. You’ve earned it.



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