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Visualize stepping out into the world and loving peoples’ reactions every time you flashed your beautiful smile; imagine enjoying a greater sense of self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-assurance with a smile that looks great! If this sounds like something you’re interested in, but you currently have chipped, cracked, or misshapen teeth that you think are standing in your way, make an appointment today with us for a free consultation about dental bonding!

What is Dental Bonding?

For our patients who have aesthetic concerns like uneven teeth, chipped or cracked teeth, gaps between the teeth, and teeth that are discolored, dental bonding is a popular option. The easy, powerful process uses composite that is carefully color-matched to your teeth and is applied directly to tooth enamel. It is then sculpted to improve the shape and look of teeth to correct those aesthetic concerns.

Unlike treatment that involves dental crowns or porcelain veneers, bonding can usually be done in just one office visit (veneers and crowns require fabrication in a lab before placement). Although dental bonding isn’t generally as durable as veneers are, it can maintain its integrity and beauty for many years with proper care. In addition, the treatment can be repeated as needed. Our patients love the immediate results!

What is the Dental Bonding Procedure Like?

During your visit for dental bonding treatment, our dentist will match the shade of the compound to be used to the natural color of your teeth. The surface of the tooth or teeth to be treated will be cleaned and prepared to make the resin compound bond quickly and securely. Preparation includes roughing up the tooth surface to give the resin compound a surface to which it can properly adhere.

During the actual application, the soft resin, which resembles clay putty, is placed on the area of the tooth needing repair; your dentist will shape and sculpt it to achieve the perfect shape. Once this is perfected, the resin compound will be hardened and sealed using ultraviolet light – a quick, proven, painless process!

After the resin has hardened, your dental bonding will undergo some final trimming and polishing. Typically, the entire dental bonding procedure lasts less than one hour, and you won’t need any recovery time or down time. The results are immediate, and you’ll be able to walk right out of the office and enjoy your new smile!

Dental Bonding: FAQ

Q: What Types of Aesthetic Issues Can Dental Bonding Remedy?

A: Dental bonding is a powerful, easy and effective means to rectify several types of aesthetic dental issues: Cracked teeth – Even small cracks can be noticeable, making a tooth appear flawed. Dental bonding is great for making cracks invisible. Chipped teeth – Minor chips and cracks can have a major impact on your smile and ultimately, your self-confidence. Cracks are easily remedied with dental bonding. Tooth discoloration – Discoloring of teeth can easily be hidden with the use of tooth-colored resin, since dental bonding can be like painting.

Q: Who is a Candidate for Dental Bonding?

A: Most of our patients make great candidates for dental bonding. The best candidates are those who suffer with aesthetic issues that affect the way their teeth look. Good candidates shouldn’t have any other types of major dental problems that would require restorative work at the time. It’s also important that patients be in good health.

Q: How Long Does the Procedure Take to Complete?

A: You will first have a consultation to ensure that you are a good candidate for dental bonding, and to discuss your particular case. Once that is done, it usually only takes one visit to start and finish the procedure, which typically only takes about one hour.

Q: How Long Does It Take to See the Results?

A: While results are immediate and usually done with only one visit to your dentist, it’s important that patients understand the process and have realistic expectations, as well. Discussion ahead of time with your dentist is a crucial step to satisfactory results.

Why Choose Enchanting Dentistry for Dental Bonding in Plantation?

Enchanting Dentistry is the leading Plantation, FL dentist for dental bonding! Join countless other patients who have experienced a newfound sense of pride with a new smile. We have years of experience and have improved thousands of smiles! We can usually complete the entire procedure in one visit, which is fast, easy, and comfortable. Don’t wait to see what dental bonding can do for your smile; contact us today for a consultation to see if dental bonding is right for you.

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